Appraisals & Estimates

Recently a woman called to ask me to meet her at an estate sale.  She had seen a piano there and wanted my opinion of it.  This was a smart woman.  The piano that was for sale was a Sohmer grand piano built in 1913 and, at $500, it looked like a good deal.  Nothing had ever been replaced on this piano.  It was a re-builder’s dream because it hadn’t been messed with or damaged by decades of poor or inadequate service.

While the piano had the potential to be a lovely instrument, the woman decided not to buy it.  The price tag was just the beginning.  It needed many thousands of dollars of work.  She already had a serviceable piano and wasn’t in a position to spend that kind of money.

I tell this story to illustrate the point that having a piano appraised is always worth the effort and minimal expense.  Having a qualified expert evaluate all aspects of a piano gives you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Please contact us to arrange an appointment if:

  • your piano need minor/major repairs or service
  • you would like to fully restore your piano
  • your piano was damaged in a move
  • you need to sell your piano
  • you need to add your piano to your home owners insurance policy
  • you are interested in gifting your piano (for tax purpose)