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Piano Storage

The most important aspect of piano storage is consistency. Pianos become damaged when they are exposed to extremes of temperature and humidity. Especially over long periods of time a piano can be ruined if it sits in a room that’s too dry or too damp. Unlike many general storage companies our storage facility is both temperature and humidity controlled. So you piano will return to you in the same condition that it left. Thomson Piano Works guarantees your piano will be:

  • Picked up and delivered by a piano moving expert
  • Wrapped in heavy moving blankets
  • Stored on a dolly (and a skid board for grand pianos)
  • Stored in a climate-controlled room (temperature and humidity controlled)

We have a network of reliable piano movers and reasonable storage rates - from 1 month to several years. You can be certain that people who really care about pianos will care for your instrument. We can even service your instrument before we ship it back to you! If you are:

  • Doing home remodeling work,
  • Moving and need temporary storage,
  • Temporarily transferred for work,
  • Need a place to store your family heirloom

We can help. Trust your piano to the professionals!

Transitions are always stressful. Having a reliable company you can trust to care for your piano while it is out of your home can make that transition easier. For over 30 years Thomson Piano Works has been the company people rely on to do just that.


Piano Storage Facility - Thomson Piano Works
Leg Rack for Piano Storage
Pianos In Storage - Thomson Piano Works
Piano Storage Facility

Piano Storage Rates:

  • Verticals: from $90/month*
  • Grands: from $110/month*

* Storage fees do not include moving costs, which vary by situation.

Do you need storage for your piano?


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