Piano Services: Rebuilding Gallery

This photo montage of the rebuilding process is taken from several pianos restored by Thomson Piano Works. It demonstrate the basic steps of interior restoration.

At Thomson Piano Works we are committed to restoring the beauty, quality and tone of fine vintage instruments using the highest quality parts and materials available. Maybe you have a family heirloom you want to restore to its original condition. Perhaps you’re looking at an older instrument for sale and not sure how to proceed. Whatever you’re rebuilding needs, we have the flexibility to meet them with excellent craftsmanship, integrity, and personal attention.

The gutting begins: the strings are removed.

The strings, pinblock, and plate have been removed.

The old finish is scraped away from the soundboard
and the bridge pins are removed.

The soundboard is sanded and repaired.

New soundboard decal installed.

The board is refinished and new bridge pins installed.

Refinished Soundboard.

Pinblock drilling.

New Pinblock.

New pin block and refinished plate installed.

Piano is ready to be re-strung

Installing the strings.

The piano is re-strung.