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Piano Regulation

Piano Regulation | Thomson Piano Works

The Piano Action, the system of keys, levers and hammers, that links a player’s fingers to the strings of the piano is the engine that drives the instrument. Developed through centuries of experimentation and innovation, the piano action’s job is to transfer a player’s manipulation of the keys through a system of levers to effect how the hammers strike the strings. From thunderous chords to the softest melody a well-regulated action is the ultimate “touch-sensitive” system allowing a player to produce a full range of expression.

Over time and use, felts compress, parts wear, and the action works less and less efficiently. Regulation is a series of adjustments made to the action to re-establish its proper balance and responsiveness. These adjustments can be minor – taking an hour or two to complete in the home. Or they can require a complete overhaul of the action including replacement of most of the action parts.

Thomson Piano Works has over 25 years of experience regulating actions in grand and upright pianos. From minor “tweaking” of a concert instrument to completely restoring the action that’s so worn out its owners have given up on it ever playing again, Thomson Piano Works can meet the needs of any piano requiring this service. If you think your piano requires regulation, please contact us and arrange an appointment to evaluate your instrument.

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