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Piano Restoration

In the early part of the 20th century piano making was in its heyday. The piano was the entertainment center of the home and everyone wanted one. Hundreds of different companies in America were competing to meet the increasing demand. A handful of these companies produced the finest pianos ever made – Steinway, Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Weber, Sohmer, Chickering, Knabe, Vose, A.B. Chase, Stieff, Henry F. Miller, Behning – just to name a few. The materials they used, and the quality of the craftsmanship – much of it provided by immigrants from Europe – was of the highest order. These pianos were built to endure and they did. With major structural components designed to last 70 years or more, many of them were still producing beautiful music into the 21st century.

That old world craftsmanship and quality is still available today. Piano re-builders refinish and restore all the lasting, irreplaceable elements of a piano – the hardwood case and exotic veneers, the cast iron plate, the action frame and keys. And, what cannot be restored – the strings, the felts, the hammers – we replace with the finest replacement parts available. A debate throughout the industry concerns whether or not restored pianos are better than the finest new pianos. However no one argues that the quality and affordability of materials that were available a hundred years ago cannot be had today. Those materials are either not available or not affordable to new piano builders.

At Thomson Piano Works we are committed to restoring the beauty, quality and tone of fine vintage instruments using the highest quality parts and materials available. Maybe you have a family heirloom you want to restore to its original condition. Perhaps you’re looking at an older instrument for sale and not sure how to proceed. Or you might be considering whether to buy a new or restored instrument. Whatever you’re rebuilding needs, we have the flexibility to meet them with excellent craftsmanship, integrity, and personal attention.

This beautifully carved 1903 mahogany Chickering Quartergrand pianois ready to be restored.
The original finish is showing its age.
The ivory keys are chipped and splitting.
Long cracks are separating the soundboard.
Age and pressure have split the treble bridge.
but this hundred-year-old finish will be transformed into ...
and this beautiful example of a turn-of-the-century art case piano ...
... becomes a fully restored work of art.
Piano Restporation
Piano Restporation
Piano Restporation

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